We offer different discounts, please ask about the discounts before booking. Discounts are only valid within one vacation.

               2nd tour

On the 2nd tour all adults get a discount of 5%.

                  3rd tour

On the 3rd and following tours all adults get a discount of 10%.


      Santi Kids Discount


Kids from 0 to 3 years: There is no charge if they're sitting on their parents' legs

Kids from 4 to 7 years: Get a 50% discount

Kids from 8 to 11 years: Get a 25% discount

Kids over 12 years: Have to pay the full price as they count like a full person.

OUR Vouchers

Make your choice!

Fantastic memories are the perfect give away for birthdays, weddings, for couples, singles, families, or kids. Give a surprise to your beloved ones with a Santi voucher with the picture of your choice. 


How does it work?

Choose between 2 different options: 


1. Stay flexible and give away a voucher with a special amount of your choice. The person who receives the gift can then choose a tour or anything that has to do with our business.


2. Give away a voucher with about one or more tours and spread happiness and fun memories. 


What I have to do?

Contact us at santitourmex@gmail.com with the subject "VOUCHER" above.

We then need some additional information from you:


1. The picture of your choice.  

2. The amount you would like to put on the voucher.

3. Do you want to give away a special tour or do you want to have a voucher with free choice of the tour? 

4. Please give us an E-Mail address where we can send the voucher to. 

5. You may give us a short personal text (max. 3 lines). 

6. The payment will be via PayPal.


How do I get the voucher?

We will send you the personalized voucher as a PDF, you can easily print it out at home on different paper qualities. You can pack it as a present and give it away to a special person or anyone. 



Our vouchers have numbers which will be single use and recognized, it is not possible to duplicate the voucher. The voucher is valid for 1 year, and is not transferable or can not be cashed out. 

Do you have more questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us at: santitourmex@gmail.com 

Motive 1                                                                     Motive 2

Motive 3                                                                     Motive 4

Motive 5                                                                     Motive 6

Motive 7                                                                    Motive 8

Motive 9                                                                    Motive 10

Motive 11                                                                  Motive 12

Motive 13                                                                  Motive 14

Motive 15                                                                  Motive 16

Motive 17                                                                  Motive 18