• Adult                                                                               150 USD / 125 EUR
  • Kids 4 to 7 years                            80 USD / 65 EUR
  • Kids 8 to 11 years                        115 USD / 95 EUR
  • Kids from 12 years                     150 USD / 125 EUR

Minimum: 6 people                                                                                 Maximum: 16 people 

Difficulty: Medium
Duration: Approximately 9 hours

Age:  From 6 to 70 years

We start the day driving to Tulum, (in Maya "Too Loom" = city with a wall). The ruins are magic and mystical at the same time, and more than just the perfect backdrop for the world-famous vacation photo which will make those who stayed at home jealous. The original name was Zama - City of the Dawn. Tulum is a former trading post, sacrificial site, and temple of the Maya. The ruins were protected on one side by the high cliffs on which they stand and surrounded on the other three sides by a wall up to 5 meters high and 8 meters wide. The buildings date back to the post-classical period from 1200 to 1500 and the city was still inhabited when the Spaniards arrived and conquered the Yucatán Peninsula. Experience the spectacular Mayan ruins on the turquoise, Caribbean sea, and the historical story that the stones tell on a one-hour guided tour! We take a photo stop on the cliffs overlooking the breath-taking coast and enjoy the view.


After this exciting cultural part, we go to a park, where the four elements are already waiting for us: fire, water, air, and earth!

This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the nature and to be close to the four elements. Nestles in tropical jungle, this place offers you four different cenotes and the incredible nature of the jungle. 65 million years ago, a meteorite hit the Yucatán Peninsula and created a landscape that could not be more mystical. Over the years, an underground network of rivers has found it’s way through the porous rocks and formed a special scenery: the so-called crystalline freshwater pools or cenotes. They represented the Maya's access to the underworld and thus the place where the rain God Chaac stayed. We will experience four cenotes on this tour!


We will ride a mountain bike on a 1 km long and flat path through the jungle, passing huge trees until our first stop. You can hear the loud screeching of tropical birds all around, and sometimes you can see and photograph the Mot Mot, a typical bird of this region. At the end of the path, a grotto will wait for us. We will step down a stairway, and as soon as our eyes get used to the light, we will see that the grotto is open on one side. The light falls in long ray on the wall of the cenote. While going deeper into the cave, we will smell the aroma of copal, a kind of incense. We will sit down in a semi-circle around a candle-lit altar and will witness a mystical ceremony in Mayan language with a shaman. You will literally feel the breath-taking special atmosphere. Let the whole atmosphere just touch you and immerse yourself in the underworld of the Gods.

Our way will lead us on to a second grotto, we will descend and expect another world. Stalactites and stalagmites have formed to a breath-taking natural spectacle within thousands of years, illuminated by spotlights. We will walk through the gorgeous grotto and capture this almost un-natural world in pictures. 


Back in the daylight, we will ride the bikes to our next stop. Three different zip lines await for us: two of them lead directly over a beautiful open cenote and the last one starts on a platform, 18 m above the jungle. The view is simply breath-taking! Firmly secured and with helmets, we will go down on the rope over the tree tops to the other side (136m far away). Above us only the blue sky and the sun, an adrenaline kick for everyone! If you don't dare to do that, you can of course skip this station and take a small path to the other side.


Now the first cooling down is due, we are expecting the third and open cenote, which is great for snorkeling. Fantastic rock formations, plants, and fish will show you a fantastic world. Experience the under-water life or simply enjoy the sounds of the jungle around you while bathing.


The fourth cenote is something special again, a grotto opened to one side and the ceiling partially plunged into the water. The water is absolutely clear and wonderfully refreshing. We will snorkel in this amazing under-water world and take souvenir photos on the rocks or in the crystal-clear water. If we are lucky, we see divers below us.


After enjoying all that nature, action, mysticism, and snorkelling, we will have a traditional buffet. In the afternoon we will end the day in the jungle and bring you back to your hotel.


Explore Tulum - Four Elements! 


"All Inclusive Tour" - Includes:

  • Day trip according to the above program
  • Personal care by Santi Tour guides
  • Pick up from your hotel or meeting point
  • Ride with a certified driver in a comfortable, fully insured, and air-conditioned minivan
  • Tour guide in English
  • Fresh, whole-grain, breakfast sandwiches "Santini" in the bus (no coffee or tea included)
  • Cool drinks in the bus (soft drinks, water, and beer)
  • Entrance fees (Tulum & park)
  • English-speaking, archaeological guided tour
  • Four cenotes
  • Mountain-bikes
  • Ceremony in Mayan language with a shaman
  • Snorkelling in two cenotes (open and grotto)
  • Local lunch (buffet)
  • All photos / videos of this tour are free of charge as a gift from us! Instead, we would be happy about a donation for our animal rescue station! We will be accompanied by a photograher. These pictures are also included in your tour!
  • Free Wi-Fi on almost all tours in our tour buses (whenever network available on the routes)
  • Taxes
  • Parking fees
  • Return to your hotel or meeting point


Not included:
  • Personal expenses (e.g. for souvenirs, restroom, etc.). Please have small change in MXN or USD
  • Coffee or tea at the coffee stop
  • Tips in general (tour guide, driver, waiter, etc.)


  • Pick up at lobbies of all hotels in Playa del Carmen to Dreams Tulum. Please inquire before booking about the location of your hotel
  • Hotels in Tulum, Cancun, Puerto Morelos, as well as hotels north of Playa del Carmen: Pick up at the meeting point Colectivo terminal in Playa del Carmen or meeting point
  • The transfer to Playa del Carmen (with the Colectivo shared minivans) can be made by any person in any hotel for about 2 to 3 USD very easy, safe, and inexpensive. The white Colectivo minivans begins to transit from 5AM in different directions and pass by every 5 to 10 minutes towards Playa del Carmen


Duration of tour:

  • The travel time to Tulum is about 1 hour from the center of Playa del Carmen and about to the park approx. 20 minutes (depending on traffic and without pick-ups). Please note this in your tour planning
  • The zip lining is allowed up to a maximum of 110 kg body weight, you can skip this station if you would like.
  • Please use biodegradable sunscreen in order to protect the cenotes. Apply it at least 30 minutes before swimming! 
  • You can bring your own equipment (snorkel, mask, fins). Due to Covid-19 we are not allowed anymore to provide this equipment. For a small price you can get a snorkel from us and take it home as a souvenir
  • Our tour is also suitable for children. Please bring suitable swimming aids!
  • This tour is suitible for children who can already ride a bike! For zip lining the height of the kid has to be more than 1m. This station also can be skipped.
  • Sneaker or solid shoes with tread soles are important on the slippery steps in the park (no flip flops)!
  • The government charges 45 MXN per device for carrying professional video cameras and action cameras in Tulum. This is not included in our prices and would have to be paid yourself!
  • We kindly ask you to protect our reefs, cenotes and animals by avoiding sunscreen. They have a big impact of the damage of nature, even if it's biodegradable. Please use special Lycra shirts with UV protection instead
  • This tour is a full day tour, the true return to Playa del Carmen is around 4 PM to 5 PM  (depending on traffic, weather, events, etc.). However, we cannot guarantee this


Payment options:

  • The payment for our excursions will be made in CASH on the afternoon of the excursion day. We accept US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, or Euro (at the current daily exchange rate). It is not possible to accept credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal.
  • We ask for your understanding, just for the fairness of the other guests, we cannot drive to any banks or ATMs to exchange or withdraw money.

Do not forget: