Sun protection? Good to know!

When you visit us here in Mexico, it is important to know everything about the right sun protection. We collected some information, so you are able to prepare yourself and you know what you will need.


Which sun protection factor do I need?



The SPF factor should be high enough, because your skin is probably not used to the sun. We are near by the equator and it is easy to get burned, even when the sky is cloudy. You cannot compare the sun to the european sun and one often underestimates UV radiation, which acts on the skin. We recommend a SPF factor of 50! The UV shirts with an integrated sun protection are also a good addition or alternative. So you are more protected during a long  stay in the water, e.g. during snorkeling. Mostly, this shirts are very expensive at your home. Here, you are able to get them cheaper and in every size and color at nearly every bigger market like WalMart or Chedraui, also for kids!



How long in advance should I cream myself?



The sunscreen needs some time to soak in the skin. Minimum 30 minutes, better one hour before swimming, you should cream yourself. Otherwise the protection will get lost in the water and you are not safe anymore. Additionally, the cream pollutes the sea and the enviroment. On boat tours in nature reserves it is forbidden to use any sunscreen (it does not matter which one!) to protect the nature and the water. That is why we recommend that our guestst should cream themselves before the tour starts.


Before swimming in cenotes it is basically forbidden to use sunscreen. You even have to take a shower before going into the water. The cenotes are used as sources for fresh and drinking water and who want to have residues of sunscreen or mosquito spray in the showering or cooking water?!



Is a biodegradable sunscreen required? And why is it recommended?



For sure there is no law, which require the use of biodegradable sunscreen. In some nature reserves the use of 'normal' creams is forbidden. At the entrance are controls and some creams will get drafted for one day. You need to have a biodegradable sunscreen or you have to leave your shirt on to protect your skin against the sun.


These controls are necessary, because non-biodegradable creams have chemical ingredients, which destroy the reefs with the corals, harm the animals in the sea and destroy in the long run a complete (and for all of us important) ecosystem. Even now, the oceans are contaminated with pollutants, chemicals and plastic. It is estimated that about 6000 metric tons of sunscreen gets into the sea every year - an incredible number!


All over the world we are able to see the consequences: corals die, fish populations are declining, and all other sea creatures and animals fight against the pollution in their habitat. The so called 'coral bleaching' is caused by the harmful ingredients of sunscreens. The oils, like parabens do not dissolve in water and lay down in the corals.

Luckily there are alternatives, which harm the sea significantly less: biodegradable or reef-friendly sunscreen. They do without parabens and help to protect the oceans and their inhabitants.


Where do I geht the biogradable sunscreen and is everything organic where it says organic?



Während es in anderen Ländern wie den USA schon durchaus üblich ist, hat sich in Deutschland die Verwendung von umweltfreundlicher Sonnencreme noch nicht durchgesetzt. Deshalb ist leider das Angebot an biologisch abbaubaren Präparaten noch begrenzt. Wichtig zu wissen, wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einem Produkt seid:


·         Nur, wenn es explizit draufsteht, dass die Creme biologisch abbaubar bzw. Riff-freundlich ist, dann handelt es sich auch um umweltfreundliche Sonnencreme!


·         Ein veganes Produkt ist nicht automatisch umweltverträglich


·         Mineralische Cremes sind nur dann unschädlich, wenn sie auch nano-frei sind!


·         Das Produkt sollte folgende Inhaltsstoffe NICHT haben: PABA, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, 4-Methylbenzylidene, Camphor und Butylparaben.


·         Am einfachsten findet man entsprechende Produkte online auf entsprechenden Plattformen. Da die meisten Produkte nicht aus Deutschland kommen bzw. nicht dort hergestellt werden, ist die Produktbeschreibung oft auf englisch. Schaut also nach biodegradable sunscreen


·         Natürlich könnt ihr eine umweltfreundliche Sonnencreme auch bei uns kaufen. Schaut mal in unserem Shop:


Wir freuen uns, wenn ihr durch den Verzicht auf herkömmliche und schädliche Sonnencremes dazu beitragt, unser schönes Meer und seine Bewohner zu schützen und für nachfolgende Generationen zu erhalten