1. How can I book and when should I ?
We are a small private company and we personally take care of all our guests. Due to the high demand, it would be beneficial to tell us in which excursions you are most interested in before you arrive (at least 8 weeks before), especially if you are traveling with several people or children. Then, we will be able to advise you perfectly, plansuitable dates for you, and possibly put further tours together. Make sure that your hotel has a stable Wi-Fi connection so you can frequently check our WhatsApp group chat for updates regarding weather, last minute pick ups, etc. In addition, there are often last minute remaining slots for booking, so keep ckecking just in case you don't find a slot the first time you want to book a tour. By completing the online guest form in advance, a fixed booking will be made (depending on reaching the minimum amount of guest and weather conditions). By clicking below, you can easily book a tour or request a suggestion.
2. When does the tours take place ?
Unlike other agencies, we do not work according to a rigid calendar, but flexibly respond to the arrival and departure dates of our guests as well as the climatic weather conditions. Our tours are determined when we reach the minimum number of 6 adults (Bacalar Tour is 8 adults) per tour. Then we will find a suitable date for the tour. We try to give you 2 to 3 days to acclimatize upon arrival. Also, we usually do not offer tours on the last day before departure. We try to respond to your wishes and also leave days between the tours for you to relax, but we cannot always guarantee this. 
3. What is included in the tours and what is the cost ?
Our excursions are all inclusive tours. This means you will have personal attention through Santi Tour, an English speaking guide, the transfer from your hotel, cold drinks, the "SANTINI" (a breakfast bun, if the pick up is before 7:30 AM), lunch, entrance fees, taxes, equipment, and photos are all included in the price. You can get detailed information in the description of the individual tours. If you compare us with other tour providers, please take this into account. Tips are not included.
4. Pictures and Videos
Unlike other agencies, we decided not to sell our tour photos and videos. 
5. Minimum Quantity / Maximum Quantity
Please notice that there is a minimum of six adults (eight for Bacalar) per tour. The cost for boats, archaeological guides, gas, and toll, etc. have to be sustainable. The maximum are 16 guests per tour, but the groups are often smaller depending on the tour.
6. How do we determine availability for each tour ?
All remaining seats are listed under the section "Tours in the Calendar" on the website. Depending on the booking entries, this can change daily. All fully booked tours are removed from the calendar overview.
7. How can I pay ?
With us there is no pre-payment, the payment will take place after the tour on the bus and can be done in US Dollar,Euro, or Mexican Peso. For you, a payment in USD is the best option, so you have no exchange losses. The conversion of the Euro or MXN Peso takes place at the current daily exchange rate. You can ask for the current exchange rate one day before the tour, please exchange or withdraw money in time before the tour so there is no shortage of problems with blocked cards or unclaimed amounts. Unfortunately due the high fees for credit card payments, PayPal, and bank transfers, we can only accepts cash payments. You will usually receive Pesos in return, the guests can have different prices due to the trip discounts. Please understand that we cannot approach ATMs or banks during our tours.

8. What happens if the weather forecast is bad ?

Many agencies continue their tours through wind, rain, and coldness. The well-being and above all, the safety of our guests is our top priority. You should spend a wonderful day and therefore, we postpone the tour if possible in case of bad weather or too much wind/waves. If there will be no other possibility to postpone the tour, we cancel it completely. We check various weather reports in advance and decide in the evening before the tour, whether the trip can take place or not. However, we are no meteorologists so we cannot guarantee the weather conditions. If the weather is very bad in the morning, it may be that we cancel the tour in the morning. Every guest should check their messages for changes in pick-up times or tour cancellations in the morning before the tour starts. All participants will be informed via WhatsApp or (if you do not have Whats App) by a message on the hotel room. However, we are not liable for any weather deterioration during the tour. There are no refunds.

9.  When will the pick-up at the hotel take place or do we have to come to a meeting point ? Where will we be picked-up at ?
We only know one day before which guests have secure places on our tour and which hotels they are staying at to pick them up in our tour van. Then, we calculate the exact pick-up times of all hotels and send them to all guests via WhatsApp or message to their room. We have a very large radius of pick-ups in the Riviera Maya hotels located in Playa del Carmen, but due to the long distances in the region, we cannot go outside of a certain perimeter (for example to a far hotel in Tulum). Please inquire before booking if you want to be picked up at your hotel or if we should arrange to pick you up at a collection point in Playa del Carmen. In most cases, we will pick you up directly in front of the lobby, please wait there. However, a few hotels only work with selected contracted agencies. In this case, we will pick you up at the entrance of the hotel.
10. Why does Santi Tours need my information ?
We need a lot of information from you in advance. For example, we need all of your full names and room numbers to get through the security of your hotel. Here, we as an agency will be registered to guarantee the safety of you as the guests of the hotel. We will also be checked by the hotel security on the way back in the afternoon.
11. What do we have to bring ?
The most important is a good mood, beneath the description of all of our tours you can find exactly what you should not forget. (Mosquito repellent and sunscreen is always on the list). Please bring small change in USD or MXN for toiletries, souvenirs, and tips.
12. Liability / Insurance
As our guests, you are automatically enrolled to have the passenger insurance on our bus. All of our activities that take place during our tours happen at your own risk. At the beginning of every tour, each tour member is required to sign a Liability Waver. In case of damages to your health, loss of equipment, or other issues on the boats, quads, golf carts, or similar items, you are liable for the coverage of all the damage or theft.
13. What happens if I have to cancel the tour ?
By filling out our guest form you will get a confirmed booking via email, depending on the weather conditions and that the minimum number of participants is given. In case of re-booking or cancellation from your part, we assure that we will do our best to avoid any cancellation costs. However, we can't ensure this. If you have to cancel the tour 2 days or less before the tour takes place, we impose a charge of 25% of the tour price, this also takes place if you don't show up on the day of the tour. Bookings which are done by e-mail or WhatsApp also are fixed bookings and also involve extra costs in case you cancel too late. Cancellations are required to be in written form, the extra charge for canceling will be transferred to our account or can be given in cash. By accepting the booking, every guest accepts the terms of cancellation.
14. Price changes / Change of course
Santi Tour reserves the right to change the prices of the tours (for example if the gas, guides, etc. increase their prices). In case this happens, we will inform our guests. An earlier booking does not authorize the recognition of the tour with the earlier price.  In case of sudden weather changes, disposability of tour guides, etc, Santi Tour reserves the right to change the tour procedures or details of the tour. A recompense is not guaranteed.
15. Physical or mental disabilities, allergies, etc.
In case of physical or mental limitations, please let us know in advance (please note this in the guest form). This is the only way we can react and set up the necessary arrangements for you to have an unforgettable tour. (For example, by renting a wheelchair). It is difficult in Mexico to find gluten-free, lactose-free, or similar products. In case you have special allergies, food intolerance's, etc. and don't want to have our breakfast roll, please let us know in the guest form. If this is the case, please organize your own breakfast. Thank you for your understanding!
16. Coming back from the tour
We don't know the exact time of our return, it always depends on many things like the traffic, the speed of the group during the day, the amount, and the location of the hotels which we have to drive to etc. You can check the  approximate return time in the description of each tour, please don't make any important appointments or reservations in the restaurants or other locations in the evening of the tour. Thank you for your understanding!  

17. Exotic / Dangerous animals

Mexico has a subtropical climate, Quintana Roo is mostly overgrown with jungle. Most of our tours take place directly in or near the Jungle. Due to this, we cannot ensure the absence of exotic animals like snakes, spiders, or similar animals. We have done all of our tours several times and have never had any direct contact with any dangerous animals (Jaguars, etc.). Don't be afraid. 

18. Payment and money exchange

It's better bringing small US Dollars for the first days of your stay at the hotel (for the bell-boys, cleaning ladies, taxi, etc.). If you want to withdraw money from an ATM, please make sure you use an ATM of a bank, not one on the street (sometimes these ATMs are arranged to spy your data or to take your card). The ATM'S in the banks are open at any time. There are a lot of options of changing your money to pesos, usually you can change money in the hotels. Check the rate before changing your money anywhere first. If you want to withdraw money at the ATM of the hotel, first check how high the extra fee is, sometimes the hotels charge a huge amount of extra fees. The extra charges at the banks are much less. ATTENTION!
Please make sure you talk to your bank first to unlock your bank card for Mexico. There  are maximum amounts of cash that you are allowed to withdraw per day on every ATM here (usually this sum is between 6.000 and 15.000 MXN). 


19. How I can contact Santi Tours ?

After you have received the confirmation of your booking, you will be added to an extra WhatsApp group. There, you will receive your pick-up times and all further information one day before the actual tour. Please let us know your room number as soon as you arrived in the hotel in this WhatsApp group. In case your internet isn't working (normally every hotel offers free Wi-Fi in the lobbies) you can call us from reception with the following number: 984 - 104 3910 or 984 - 188 5040 or  you can contact us through e-mail: santitourmex@gmail.com. 

20. Where do I find Santi Tours in Playa del Carmen ?

Like a lot of other small agencies, we don't have any office in Playa del Carmen, we work from our home office. You will not be able to find any information about us in the hotels due to the fact that big agencies offer their tours in the hotels. We, as a small family ran agency are not allowed to put any advertising in the hotels. You can contact us at any time (e-mail, WhatsApp, etc.) and we will answer you as soon as possible

21. When I can reach Santi Tours ?

We are working in the office from Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm (Mexican time). Very often, we also work on Sundays. It is possible that you will receive an answer at a more later time than usual because we are on tour almost every day and often there is no signal (on islands, nature reserves, etc.). Please leave a message, we will write you as soon as possible!


22. Breakfast buns

If your pick-up is before 7:30 am, you will receive a whole-grain breakfast roll on the bus in the morning with the topping you have ordered in our guest form (except of the Bacalar Tour). In case you need more food for your breakfast, you will have to bring something else from the hotel. You also have the possibility to buy something else at our coffee-stop. Coffee, tea, or any other kind of wishes are not included in our price. Please bring some extra money in case you want to buy anything. 

23. Sun tanning lotions, Mosquito spray, After-sun gel, etc.

Biological degradable sunscreen is no provision, but Santi Tour recommends all guests using this kind of sunscreen to protect the coral reef and the animals. It is not allowed to use insect spray or sunscreen directly before going to swim. In a lot of cenotes, you have to shower before going into the water (in most of the cenotes and especially in the nature reserve they have a lot of control).


The Mexican insect spray does a better job than any other European or American insect spray. Please understand that we cannot offer you any of our own insect sprays just to try them. You can buy the biological degradable sunscreen "Kiin Sun" and the Mexican insect spray in our shop. Just let us know when you book the tours with us.  Furthermore, we offer more products like the biological Aloe Vera after-sun gel (which does an amazing job when you have sunburn or reddened skin), our delicious Tequila and more interesting articles. Feel free to check what we have.

24.  Necessity of children ID

We have the demand of all parks, boats, etc. to forward the correct ages of all children traveling with us. The ID is just an intern information, it will be treated confidential and will not be given to other people. We had some guests in the past that gave us false information about the age of their child, trying to get a higher discount. That is why we want to insure ourselves about the correct age of all children. You can send us the item through e-mail or through WhatsApp. We don't need the ID during the tour so please leave them in the hotel in your safety box so you won't lose it. Thank you for your understanding. 


25. Can kids take part in the tour?

From our point of view, there are only very little requirements for kids taking part at our tours. Please inform yourself about the particular tour at "Attention" beneath every one of our tour explanations. Keep in mind that the temperature and the air moisture here in Mexico is very high and especially our archaeological guides could be very stressful for your kids. For us, as adults some parts of the tour could be no problem while the kids torture themselves through this part. On all of our tours, we had children of different kind of age groups and every child reacts different. Especially kids who are in a bad health should not have to be forced to do a full day tour during this heat. We cannot tell you whether the tour is interesting and doable for your child or not. It depends on the interests of your child and also of the attitude of the parents. You know your kids best and know what you can expect from them.


26. Are there dressing standards?

To show respect for the culture, we ask you to wear clothes and to not enter the ruins, pyramids, and temples with free upper body or bikinis. Your shoulders and knees do not have to be covered (shorts and a t-shirt / top is enough). For climbing the pyramids in EK Balam and in Coba, you need solid, closed shoes,or sandals. For security reasons, we cannot let anybody climb the pyramids with flip flops. For our Jungle Tours (Coba, Punta Laguna, Jungle Kick), you should have solid, stable shoes, or sandals. We will inform and remind you in our WhatsApp Groups the day before the tour what kind of shoes you need. For the horseback riding in Holbox you need long trousers and firm footwear, due to the saddle or the stirrup could grind and for protection against the insects.  

27. Smoking

During the tour you have the possibility of smoking. Please make sure you do not disturb other guests. In the ruins, the temples, and in our buses it is prohibited to smoke. You have the possibility of smoking on our boats, please take into consideration other guests while smoking. We have ashtrays for you, please do not throw the cigarettes into nature. Thank you for understanding.


28. Using of sprays, cremes, etc.

Please do not use insect sprays, sun cream, or similar products in our tour buses. You have enough time for using all the products outside of the bus.  We also ask you to treat our tour buses in a good way so other tour guests also have the possibility of traveling as comfortable as you do. Therefore, please do not sit on the bus directly after using sunscreen, after sweating a lot, wearing wet bathing suits, or with free upper body, but rather place a towel beneath you and wear a shirt / top. Impurities of the seats will be charged after the tour.  


29. Food and drinks during the tour

Every tour that begins before 7:30 am, contains a breakfast bun and lunch, including one drink. During the whole tour, we offer soft drinks, water, and beer. Every guest has the possibility to buy tea, coffee, or little snacks during our coffee stop in the morning. Normally, our included food is enough for our guests but some people are hungrier than others. We recommend you to eat a small snack before the tour starts, due to the fact that the meal time could be different than your usual one . A slightly filled stomach prevents circulation problems, which could take place because of the high temperature or air moisture.


30. How much money on tips should I give?

This is a very often asked question of our guests, it is difficult for us to answer this question because you and your heart have to decide how much you would like to give. Tips are seen as a rating of their work from people working as tour guides, drivers, captains, waiters, etc. Keep in mind that the people here get just a small salary, the payments here are absolutely not  comparable with the salary of your countries. By giving a tip, you show the people that you appreciate what they did and how happy you were with the service. Big travel agencies recommend their guests to give 10% of the tour costs (half of this for the driver and half of this for the guide). We want you to decide yourself how much tip you would like to give to the people who support us during our tour.  


31. I wasn't happy with my tour , what should I do?

Every person is a different individual and everybody has a different type of liking. That is why some people are very happy with the way the tour went and others may not feel the same way about it. In case the tour does not meet your expectations, please let us know directly after the tour and talk to us. This is the only way we can react and find the correct solution. Sometimes, it is not possible to fulfill the transformation directly after you talked to us. We take all critics very seriously and will think about how we can change it in future.  

32. Others

Children are only allowed to travel when they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. Parents are fully responsible for their children (animals are prohibited). People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be supervised by us. Heavy pollution of the tour bus  will be charged with a cleaning fee of 60 USD. Any illnesses or impairments (e.g. heart problems, pregnancies, severe back problems, performed surgeries, etc.) have to be communicated with us before the tour starts.

33. Why does the welcome to the jungle tour does not have any discounts?

We work with external providers and cannot compensate for the prices. However, the tour count in the order of the 5% and 10%.