Why Santi tour? What is special about us?

  • We wanted to do something different from others! We travelled a lot in our lives and had different experiences with tour agencies worldwide. Sometimes we just wondered about the organization, the size of the groups, pick ups, also guides, and meals. With these disappointments in our heads, we developed our SANTI-strategy  "Vacation with Friends!"
  • We are a small, private family agency, and the personal contact of our guests is very important to us.
  • We can give advice before your trip and also when you are here  because we know the region quite well.
  • We searched for a long time for the right guides and drivers for our small team , with a lot of experience but also the right personality,warmth but also a nice appearance has been important for us as well. Team builder, cohesion, and pleasure to work is very important to all of us, because this is what you need to make people happy and treat our guests in a special way.
  • We offer all-inclusive tours, guides, transfer, cold drinks, breakfast (early pick ups), lunch, entrance fees, taxes and equipment, photo packages - everything is included in our price.
  • Our tours are all in English. 
  • All our tours are guided by our small team and very personal. We would like to offer you a very special day with memories you will never forget!
  • Quality is very important for us on our tours! We try to offer more and we always search for locations, for beach clubs and restaurants with ambience. Also meals and drinks are well selected, you should have a real vacation feeling with us. Cocktails, starters, and special meals are often included in our program.
  • With Santi Tour  your daily stress should stay at home! We try to do everything to avoid the masses with our small groups.
  • It is very important to us that besides relaxing and fun, you always get a lot of information from us about Mexico and the Mayan Riviera.
  • We drive in a very modern, comfortable, and air-conditioned minivan because your safety and personal feelings are most important for us!
  • Our licensed drivers are indispensable, team players, well chosen, and they also play a great role by taking care of our guests. Besides driving absolutely safe, they also have to be attentive and with personal care.
  • We take our time with you whenever we can, more than other agencies! Our tours are longer than others and you can have more fun on your tour day!
  • We start early in the morning and we optimize our pick ups very often with different drivers. We avoid long pick ups, waiting times by hotels, and we can reach all sights before the masses arrive.
  • As a remaining memory, you will get all the pictures and videos from us for free after your tour!  

             Come on tour with us and feel the difference.              Do "vacation with friends!"