We do something different than others! We travelled a lot in our lives and had different experiences with tour agencies worldwide. Sometimes we just wondered about organization, size of the groups, pick ups, guides and meals. With lots of disappointments in our heads, we developed our SANTI-strategy  "come as a guest and leave as a friend!"


We are a small, family owned agency with personal contact to our guests

We live here and we we love what we do. We can give you recommendations and infos already before your trip

We operate very small, personal groups from 6 to max. 16 people (non overcrowded tour busses)

No multi lingual guided, our tours are only in English!

We offer all-inclusive tours with a first class service!

Guides, transfer, lots of cold drinks (beer, soft drinks, water), early morning breakfast in the bus, traditional meals, entrance fees, taxes, equipment and a big photo package. Everything is already included in our price!

You are special to us! Our guides and drivers have lots of experience and personality, our tours are guided personal to make our guests feel special and give them the one and only "never forget the day-feeling" with lots of memories

High quality over quantity - this is what is important for us! 

We offer you more than other agencies - we always search for locations, beach clubs and restaurants with ambience. Meals and drinks are well selected, you should have a real vacation feeling with us. Cocktails, starters, shots or specials are often included in our program

Your safety is important to us! We own our tour-busses and we dont rent them from other partners. Our TOYOTA HIGH ACE and FORD TRANSIT minivans are very modern, comfortable and air-conditioned  

Our licensed drivers are indispensable, team players and well chosen. They also play a great role by taking personal care of our guests

Tired of long pick ups and drop offs? We optimize our pick ups wherever we can with different drivers and vans. Like that we avoid longer pick ups and drop offs and we reach the sights before the masses

We take our time whenever we can! We start all our tours early and most of them end late, they are longer than tours of other agencies. Enjoy less crowded places and have way more fun on your tour day!

With us your daily stress will stay home! We do everything to avoid masses. Experience culture and nature, enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere on a very unique tour!

Have you always been on tour without any infos about the country? Besides relaxing and fun, you will get lots of information about Mexico, the culture, inhabitants and the Mayan Riviera

Picture memories? Always cost a big bunch of money! As a remaining memory, you will get all pictures and videos from your tour for free!  

Who we are?

"Come as a guest and leave as a friend - 


Dear guests!


We are Svenja and Fidel Toscano Baños and our small company which we started in June 2016,  is called SANTI TOUR (it is in German without the "s" at the end). As we started as a German company in Mexico, all of our tours at the beginning were in German, but we soon started to do tours in English with groups from all over the world. 


We offer individual day tours for small groups from 6 up to maximum 16 people and we guide all of our tours very personal with our team. Families, couples, singles, kids, and teenagers are happily welcome!


The most important thing for us is safety, flexibility, high quality, and reliability. Our goal is to give you one of the most spectacular and unforgettable days which you should never forget!


We love what we do and we love to see our guests happy. Come on tour with us and feel the difference! 


Everybody is asking themselves the same question when arriving in Mexico. “What are the most important things to do in Playa del Carmen?”, "What do I have to discover?", and “What is most interesting to do here?"


We offer the most popular sights such as, the famous temple of Chichen Itzá, the Mayan Temple of Tulum and Cobá , but also different nature reserves, islands, and lagoons. 


We punctually pick you up from your hotel or meeting point in Playa del Carmen to start the day early in order to avoid the masses of crowds and midday heat. With us you can take your pictures without hectic or stress.



We respect nature and the environment! With us you will not see animals locked in cages or dolphinarium. With us you only experience animals in the wild such as, Crocodiles, Turtles, Flamingos, Monkeys, Dolphins, as well as a lot of birds species in their natural habitat. The state of Quintana Roo and Yucatan have a lot to offer - come and see the beauty of this country!


We offer you

  • All tours are guided by a SANTI TOUR guide
  • Small groups from 6 to a maximum of 16 people
  • Air-conditioned, insured, and comfortable minivans with all tourist permits
  • Educated drivers with all permits
  • Experienced SANTI TOUR guides in English as well as in German and Spanish
  • All-inclusive packages and no additional cost (breakfast bun, soft drinks, water, beer, lunch, equipment, entrance fees, guides, explanations, archaeological guides, taxes, insurances and tolls)
  • A  big gratis photo package after the tour 


Contact us by E-mail or WhatsApp: santitourmex@gmail.com or +52 1 984 104 3910
Book right now and get all information you need! 

See you soon in the Mayan Riviera!



Svenja and Fidel Toscano Baños


The SANTI TOUR team under the direction of Svenja & Fidel Toscano Baños are happy to welcome you in Mexico! 


We are a small team and we have a lot of passion and joy to "work", as we always see the most beautiful spots in the Mayan Riviera. We have the possibility to show our guests the beauty of this area and always explore again ourselves, our company is German but we also do all of our tours in English or Spanish. Our slogan is "Vacation with Friends, come as guests and leave as friends". This is our slogan because only friends are going to be treated warmly, cared for, and we are attentive of them.


Professionality, honesty, and security are our highest priority for us. We don't want to just fulfill your wishes and expectations, we also want to exceed them. Our team of guides and drivers has been deliberately selected by us, they must have a lot of experience, knowledge, and also fulfill high social aspects like friendliness, attention, and cleanliness.

Svenja Toscano Baños - ("Svenni")



Tour Guide

Webdesigner, Website Programming, & Text Messenger 

Key Account & Social Media Management

Customer Care

Tour Front-Organization 

Event management 

Renting of Palapa-Houses

Languages: German, English, Spanish 

Contact: santitourmex@gmail.com or +52 1 984 104 3910


Svenja has years of experience in webdesign, e-commerce, optimization of business processes, and also in customer care in different countries. She supervises the website and all social media pages, as well as all guest requests, personal events (proposals or birthdays etc.), all fundraisers, and is going on tour as a guide whenever time permits. She loves to do island and nature-tours, she also does the renting of the Palapa houses.  


Svenja’s slogan: "Give a smile away every day and at the end it will come back to you" 

Fidel Toscano Baños - ("Chogo")



Tour Guide

Programming Website

Customer Care

Tour Back-Organization

Employees & Planning

Organization Palapa-Houses

Languages: German, English, Spanish



Fidel made years of experience in customer care in an Italian company in the US and he was also working as Head of Logistics. When he came back to Mexico he worked as sports animator and Head of Sales in a big 5 star hotel in the Mayan Riviera. He though could gain a lot of experience and can use this quite well in the work with Santi Tour.  He always has this Caribbean and Mexican way of life, happy and always trustworthy with all our guests. In the company he especially is doing tour guide, he takes care of the employees, doing background organization of the tours and is helping in the office, whenever he can. He is doing all tours but mostly loves to takeover culture- and action tours. 

Fidel’s slogan: "Always laugh - it doesn't cost anything!"              

Claudia Lezama ("Cely")


Sister of Fidel


Tour Back-Organization

Bookings & reservations

Organization & care of  the Palapa-Houses

Languages:  Spanish, English




Claudia has lived in the USA for 17 years and gained experience in facility management in various companies. She is very organized and committed. At SANTI TOUR she will take care on the backround organization of tours, reservation and billings. She is also responsible for the guests in the palapa houses.


Sigrid W. - ("Siggi")


Tour Guide

Languages: German, English, Spanish


Siggi gathered a lot of experience in customer care in a big company in Germany, she also worked as an event and public relations manager for a couple of years. Her open and warm personality made become an important component for our guests and in the Santi team. She is doing cultural tours as well as nature tours. 



Siggi’s slogan: "Life is too short for a sometime"

Anja R. - ("Anni")


Tour Guide

Languages: German, English, Spanish


Anni for years has experience in working with guests, she was a tour guide for round trips in the past and also key account manager in a diving school in a big hotel. First she seems to be quiet and prudent but soon everybody can see the real side of her. When Anni is starting with her "beloved ones" (this how she names our customers), she sweeps them away with her happy way of being. She is doing cultural, action, and nature tours. 


Pablo R. - ("Pavlosky")


Tour Guide

Languages: German, English, Spanish 



Pablo has a longtime experience as a tour guide and was working for big agencies. Working for a small agency like Santi was new for him, he was very interested in the personal and close contact with our customers. For us, he is a very warm-hearted person and also a big entertainer. A lot of customers say, he is a walking encyclopedia. He knows each tree and each fruit, he is doing our cultural, nature, and action tour. 


Pablo’s slogan: "The nature is our future!"


Erick M. - ("La Barba")


Driver and good soul of the company  


Erick ("La Barba - the beard") or also the mexican pirate, is a main driver and good soul of the Santi team. With his open and warmly way that he immediately approaches to our guests, even if he only talks a few words in English. He is responsible for the well being of everybody on the van and supports our guides whenever he can. He drives very prudent and calm and is always good for making a lot of fun. 


Erick’s slogan: "If life is giving you a hard time, just turn around and show your back" 

Alexis L. - ("Alex")


Driver and joker 


Alexis is the youngest on the team and is a main driver,  he drives very carefully and with his funny way of life he is an important component on the team. His laughing is contagious, he is very attentive with our guests, and is always open minded and courteous. 


Jose M. 


Driver and calm pol


Jose is the oldest one in the team and also main driver by Santi. His quiet, attentive, and reliable way has become very popular to everybody. We are happy to have him on our team, it’s been a while already! 


Jenny B. - ("Jen")



Social Media Manager/Programming

Languages: German, English, French



Jenny made a 4 month internship at SANTI TOURS. She could get a very good overview about the whole tour organization. She also gained experience in customer service and customer care with us. She suports SANTI TOURS besides her studies and does programming, social media and customer service.


Jennys slogan: "You get, what you give!" 

Angelika G. ("Angel")



Social Media Manager / Processes

Languages: German, English



Angelika has many years of experience in the field of customer service and process optimization. She take care of important areas like social media, process optimization and conceptual design.  


Angels slogan: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart!"